Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bermuda Bound

Position: Almost to Bermuda

Weather: Fair

Crew Status: Stuffed


Since embarking Saturday evening, the Leaky Dinghy has ventured ever deeper into the mysterious and treacherous waters of the Bermuda Triangle.  Dr. Jones, Mrs. Peacock and I have coped as best we can, participating in the many diversions offered aboard this curious vessel to keep our minds off the danger.  Thus far, in addition to spa treatments and gym workouts, we have been to Yamaha keyboard lessons, art classes, stage shows, magic acts and a lecture on International Affairs given by Dr. V. Vague, a professor of political science from Perdue.

Dr. Jones displays a watercolor painted in Odyssey Art by Mrs. Peacock.

 I am pleased to report the nourishment provided has been more than adequate and my fears of scurvy have been laid to rest.  The chocolate tres leches, pink-iced breakfast donuts and pre-extracted Maine lobster with hollandaise have been particular favorites, however it is rumored we may soon face a horrifying shortage of black caviar (the good kind!!). 


For those who were hoping for a romance between Mrs. Peacock and NHBill, I’m afraid the news is disappointing.  NHBill is a kind and stately gentleman, but our esteemed benefactress has concluded that his age (estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 476 years) might hinder his ability to actively parent Bryan the Bos’un.  Mrs. Peacock has indicated she requires potential spouses to be somewhat younger, but I fear this stipulation may be hard to satisfy aboard our slightly broken boat.  The best candidates so far are Chris the Assistant Cruise Director who, I have it on the best authority, “gets around,” and Toronto Jim, an ex-hockey player who has lovely new dental implants and often sails out of Virgin Gorda (Where on Virgin Gorda?  “The American part.”) Toronto Jim has invited Mrs. Peacock to meet him in the hot tub on deck nine in her skimpiest bikini, but she has thus far declined.  


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