Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bermuda Farewell

Position: Sargasso Sea, Deep in the Bermuda Triangle

Weather: Gloriously Fair

Crew Status: Maybe a teensy bit sunburned

Today our slightly broken boat dropped anchor in Hamilton Harbor and the crew of the Leaky Dinghy—minus Dr. Jones, who claims to have visited the island many times before on unspecified “government business”—ventured cautiously ashore.  Upon finding the natives friendly, we risked a more extensive exploration of the island, even going so far as to sample the local cuisine.  In return for being allowed to admire Mrs. Peacock’s shiny plastic card for a few moments, a group of locals was happy to provide us with a tasty meal of grilled wahoo and pina coladas.  

The island harbors several species of hazardous local wildlife, including the Portuguese Man O’ War (Piscius gellitinin bigassius) and the Vespa Scooter (Dayrentalis mansquishius), but neither Mrs. Peacock nor I sustained serious injury.  We reached the South Shore safely and claimed that territory for ourselves.

Elbow Beach shall henceforth be referred to as Captainelizatopia.

Nearly half of our shipmates—industry professionals along for a three-day conference—permanently disembarked in Bermuda, leaving but 200 (paying) souls aboard for the duration. While I can only interpret their abandonment of us as a dark precursor of things to come, we have no choice but to press on.  I hardly dare guess what perils await us.  Megladons?  Giant octopi?  Pants like the ones worn by this lady in the Fort Lauderdale Airport?

Time will tell.  God help us all. 

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