Friday, May 22, 2009

Captain's Log: Miami Recap

Position: Orlando
Weather: Foul
Crew Morale: Fab!

The Leaky Dinghy's Miami sojourn has ended and crew member Bryan the Bos'un has jumped ship for Holland and the Delta Lloyd Regatta.  Our stay was brief but filled with the best of Miami.  We breakfasted at South Beach's venerable News Cafe,  drank cortaditos at Sergio's, and had Sabrinatinis bedecked with chocolate monkeys at Barton G.  Yep, that's right, chocolate monkeys.

The Sabrinatinis also came with champagne popsicle stirrers.  

And then there was the Disco Crab.

And the Beignet Trio.  

But we didn't trek all the way to Miami just to eat.  We also spent time cruising Coconut Grove, taking care to avoid the vicious guardians of those verdant streets.  

Tucked away in the South Grove, I discovered the Most Awesome House Ever, Casa Kenya

which is surrounded by the Most Awesome Wall Ever, made of huge hunks of coral 

imbedded with the occasional face sculpture.  

As I said--awesome.

I suggested the purchase of Casa Kenya to Bryan the Bos'un, who in return suggested I "do something with those law degrees."  He will have his little jokes.  

And , of course, our main purpose in coming to Miami was so that the delightfully brawny Bryan the Bos'un might visit with his official U.S. Sailing Team athletic trainer, for the purpose of becoming brawnier still.  I approve of this purpose and, in fact, sent Dr. Jones along on these sessions to lend moral support.  Dr. Jones really got into the spirit of things and, Bryan the Bos'un informs me, "went big." 

Really big.  
Dr. Henry Jones: The Mightiest Mugg.

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Jenni said...

No champagne popsicle stirrers for me and the tater tot, but I sure could go for one of those chocolate monkeys.

Bon voyage!