Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Captain's Log: The Voyage Begins

Position: Miami
Weather: Variable
Crew Morale: Fair

And we're off!  At 0710 hrs, Bryan the Bos'un, Dr. Jones and I departed Eastport and made our way to Baltimore/Washington International in order to catch our aeroplane to the subtropics.  As many of you know, I have been somewhat nervous of this mode of transportation ever since the Flying Inferno Incident so, two hours prior to takeoff, I popped a couple of Feel Alright pills, supplied by The Magnanimous Dr. Marley.  These worked so well that I decided to have a giant Jamocha milkshake for breakfast (Bryan the Bos'un had oatmeal) and Bryan decided to take advantage of Southwest's early boarding policy for those needing special assistance.  I have little recollection of boarding, but I can tell you the milkshake was excellent. 

Upon arriving in Miami, we proceeded to the Budget desk to secure some form of private transport.  Unfortunately, the multitudes that proceeded us had already bespoken the most desirable conveyances.   With no cars, trucks, camels, zambonis, or rollerblades available, Bryan the Bos'un and I were forced to accept a primitive, putridly-colored contraption called a Dodge Nitro.

But the seasoned traveler learns to relish these challenges.  

We checked into the stately Hyatt Alhambra Coral Gables and Bryan the Bos'un and I set out to explore the town.  Dr. Jones, whose displeasure with his travel arrangements had not yet abated, elected to chill at the hotel.

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