Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crew Registration

Welcome to the Leaky Dinghy. In just two short weeks, Dr. Henry Jones and I will be embarking on a journey that will take us far from our grungy Chesapeake hailing port. Along the way we will drink cortaditos in Miami, battle pirates in Orlando, ride Vespas in Bermuda, and steal shortbread from the BA Clubworld Lounge in London. Although we will cross the Atlantic--twice--we will NOT be stopping in the Azores to visit a fabulous pineapple plantation because, apparently, our boat is kind of broken and that stop has been knocked off the itinerary.

Here there be monsters?

At various points in our trip we will be joined by our esteemed benefactress, Mrs. Molly Peacock

Our Esteemed Benefactress

the delightfully brawny Bryan the Bos'un

Eats Laser sailors for breakfast

and your captain's own beloved, original crew: Admiral Mary; Ship's Engineer Hank; and Chris the Cabin Boy. Come along if you like.


myAntonia said...

sweet! does this mean that the whole fam is going?

Captain Elizabeth said...

Wouldn't that be something!

Since the cruise leaves out of Miami, I'm headed down a few days early to hang out with the fam in Disney.

myAntonia said...

shucks, that would have been quite the awesome circus. oh well, I'm still looking forward to the adventures of Dr. Henry Jones!