Thursday, June 11, 2009

Captain's Log: The Art of Band Babies

Position: 1 day's sail from Lisbon
Weather: Becalmed--whales everywhere
Crew Status: Slightly hunted

[Note: This entry was written on the evening of June 1st but due to lack of internet, temporary loss of camera, attacks by giant sea creatures, etc., we are only now able to post.  Such are the perils of travel aboard the Leaky Dinghy.]

Although my previous posts may have cast this voyage in the same light as a common pleasure cruise, I assure you the hazards of life aboard the Leaky Dinghy are many.  Chief among them: the Band Babies.  In order to boost morale on our long and perilous journey, this Transatlantic was designated "Big Band Theme."  To that end, Schmooze Director Rick and his brethren recruited the iconic Benn Stiller Band. [Name of band slightly altered to prevent googling by Band Babies, but the real name rhymes with the one provided.]  Of course, most regular members of the Benn Stiller band declined to risk their lives crossing an ocean on a slightly broken boat, so the band's management seems to have gone around to American colleges filling their ranks, press-gang style, with tender and innocent undergrad music majors.

Of course, on a boat carrying only 200 passengers, most of them aged 130 or more, it was not long before the Band Babies discovered our friend Johanna Jollitime.  And, as Johanna can be found helping her mother Odessa the Art Instructor run a class in the Lido Cafe every afternoon,

Johanna Jollitime rinsing paint brushes in Odyssey Art.

it was no time at all before art class began to fill with Band Babies.  

Band Babies at Captain Elizabeth's Table in Odyssey Art.

However, as Johanna's interests lie with Chris the Assistant Schmooze Director (who has the advantage of a spiffy white uniform with black-and-gold epaulets) some of the Band Babies have redirected their attentions to the remainder of the under-50 female population, comprised entirely of Alice the Adventurer and your Captain.  That I am accompanied on this voyage by Mrs. Peacock (who, in addition to being Our Esteemed Benefactress, is also Bryan the Bos'un's mom) is no deterrant at all.  Band Babies = stalkers.  

Mrs. Peacock works on "Lisbon Lace" project beside undeterred Band Baby.

Band Babies look on as Dr. Jones paints a lovely lupine.

Band Babies pose with Leaky Dinghy crew at Odyssey Art Show. 
Front Left to Right: Mrs. Peacock, Johanna Jollitime, Youngest-and-cutest Band Baby, Dr. Jones, Stalker-y-est Band Baby, Alice the Adventurer, Captain Elizabeth
Not Pictured: Your Captain's piece de resistance "Crab-bot Emerges from the Deep" which, according to Odessa the Art Instructor, "Didn't make the cut" for the Art Show.

Like rabid Koala bears, the Band Babies are extremely cute and cuddly, lots of fun to look at--but you really don't want to get bitten.  To that end, the "buddy system" is in effect.  

Alice the Adventurer and Captain Elizabeth share a working lunch while, nearby, the Band Babies (not pictured) frolic shirtless  in the Seahorse Pool hot tub.  

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myAntonia said...

wow. those band babies DO sound perilous. thank goodness you had a buddy! love the "working lunch" too heh heh heh....