Monday, June 29, 2009

Captain's Log: Due South

Position: Fleet Command, Florida Panhandle
Weather: Hot
Crew Status: Well-fed
The view from the watch tower at Fleet Command.

Although the Leaky Dinghy was scheduled to remain in port through July for repairs and revictualling, a call from Ship's Engineer Hank to remind your captain of a dentist appointment sent us scrambling south with all possible speed. Dr. Jones and I, this time accompanied by Chris the Cabin Boy, Jonas the First Mate, and Soren the Powder Monkey, made the 996 mile journey in record time, stopping only to moor for the night at Atlanta's Hotel Indigo.
The rest of the crew snoozes while Dr. Jones and Captain Elizabeth man the third watch. Yes, that is blueberry wallpaper.

We are now safely docked at Fleet Command, the domain of Admiral Mary, and will remain here until the weekend. In the mean time, I will get my teeth cleaned, and we all will avail ourselves of the benefits of quartering at Fleet Command--chief among them, Fleet Command's proximity to J's Bakery.

Petits Fours. And Smiley Face cookie. 100% sugar.

In addition to these delicacies, Admiral Mary ensures the galley at Fleet Command is always stocked with crew favorites

and has even provided custom bunks for Jonas and Soren.

Jonas and Soren, however, prefer Admiral Mary's Roche Bobois sofas.

Admiral Mary does not approve.

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