Thursday, June 11, 2009

Captain's Log: Greenwich Mean

[Entry written on June 3rd.]
Position: Mayfair, London
Weather: Fair enough (for London)
Crew Status: Fair Enough (considering the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour got vetoed.  BOO!)

Today the crew of the Leaky Dinghy sailed valiantly down that river of sludge that is the Thames to Greenwich in order to visit the National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory.  The NMM is one of your captain's very favorite museums and, on this visit, it featured an entire exhibit on a topic dear to Bryan the Bos'uns heart.
This is why we we're pretty sure he secretly dreams of Volvo Ocean Races.  Look at that Expression.

The only thing Bryan the Bos'un loves more than books in which the subjects climb up a mountain (and usually die) are those in which the subjects sail to the Arctic--or Antarctic (and usually die.) 

We then trekked up to the royal observatory and capped off a naptastic planetarium showing of Ice Worlds (narrated by Hermione Granger) with a round of standing-on-the-Prime-Meridian.  

Dr. Jones looks typically awesome as he straddles two hemispheres.

Finally, we headed back to London, where Dr. Jones encountered a group of similarly famous, sight-seeing celebrities.
I can't help but agree with Dr. Jones' pronouncement that something just wasn't quite right about those guys.  Their account of the grisly ends met by three of their group was, frankly,  harrowing.  
And the there were four.  Ceramic dwarves.  Rookie mistake!

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