Friday, June 12, 2009

Captain's Log: Homeward Bound

[Entry written on June 4th.]

Position: Heathrow, Terminal 5 ClubWorld Lounge
Weather: Sun shining brightly through the glass ceiling
Crew Status: Waiting for the Feel Alright pills to take effect

Today, the Leaky Dinghy embarks on the final leg of our long and perilous journey, crossing the mighty Atlantic en route to our grungy Chesapeake hailing port.  But, first, we must provision for our voyage, and there is really no better place to do this than the new British Airways Terminal 5 ClubWorld Lounge.  The Terminal 5 ClubWorld Lounge is quite spiffy, boasting panoramic views of...well...the rest of Terminal 5....
Dr. Jones stares wistfully down at the Paul Smith store.   "Drat this infernal exchange rate," he mutters. 

Pre-flight massages and facials...
And this really excellent giant horse lamp.

There was also a nice little movie theater, but it was showing European Financial News and thus of no interest to us.

We began our provisioning at the snack bar with the Walker's shortbread.  Obviously.  

We then moved on the the Giant Freezer of Ice Cream. 

All for me. 

Bryan the Bos'un had a nice pasta marinara from the ClubWorld Kitchen (Yes, I told him about the ice cream, but there is just no reasoning with some people.) and concluded our efforts by grabbing a few copies of Hello! Magazine to keep our minds sharp over the long voyage. 
Dr. Jones, however, seemed to be searching for something...more.  But he didn't find it at the coffee bar.

Nor at the wine bar, either.

Ah-ha!  Success.

Shaken, not stirred.  If you please.


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