Sunday, June 14, 2009

Captain's Log: Journey's End

Position: Eastport
Weather: Fair
Crew status: Lazy

With the Leaky Dinghy once again docked in our grungy Chesapeake hailing port, your crew is currently enjoying some well-deserved shore leave. Our second transatlantic crossing was much less eventful than the first--although we DID get to sit very close to Former Secretary of State Colin Powell. The excitement of this, combined with the effects of the Feel Alright pills, caused your captain to accidentally abandon the ship's photography equipment, but that has since been retrieved. Our sincere thanks to those who supported us throughout our long and perilous journey with bolstering emails, comments, and facebook snark.

With hurricane season approaching, the Leaky Dinghy must now carefully prepare for its next journey, although our crew will be taking some time enjoy a few traditional summertime pursuits. On that note, we'd like to share with you one of our favorite Summer recipes.

The Leaky Dinghy's Recipe for a Perfect Summer Afternoon (non-alcoholic version.)


One (1) Amazon Kindle (Finally--a use for that Kindle someone sent you last Christmas because they "heard you like to read"!)

One (1) 1-gallon Ziploc Freezer Bag (double-zipper version recommended)

One (1) Family Swim Center


Step 1: Combine Ziploc and Kindle

Step 2: Combine Ziplocked Kindle and Family Swim Center

Step 3: Enjoy


myAntonia said...

suitably concluded. I would have found it REALLY difficult to not stare at colin powell at least a teensy little bit. Did you?

Captain Elizabeth said...

Oh yeah. Tried to be subtle about it. Probably wasn't.

He's dreamy.