Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crew Registration

In just over two weeks, the Leaky Dinghy will undertake it's most terrifying voyage yet. Bryan the Bosun, Dr. Jones and I will cross the mighty Atlantic en route to our first waypoint: Stockholm's ABBA Hotel.

Second best to none, indeed.

In Stockholm, the Leaky Dinghy will join up with the flagship of our leaky fleet, the Last Straw (commanded by Admiral Mary and Ship's Engineer Hank) and from there embark on a 10-day expedition of the Baltic Sea...tracking ZOMBIES.

Yes, my friends, you read that correctly. It's no secret that Zombies are a subject of great interest in these troubled times, and Dr. Jones, the world's leading zombiologist, has been asked to undertake a comprehensive study of these creatures and their habits. Dr. Jones' extensive research indicates Zombies prefer colder climates, migrating north each summer, and we believe we have determined the Zombies' preferred method of transport. (We hear Greg Norman has been spotted aboard these ships, a rumor that, if true, is is a top indicator of a large Zombie population.)

Should we survive, we will convey the results of our research directly to authorities at London's Zombie Reseach Center, after which we will undertake a brief side-trip to Cornwall before again braving the Atlantic on our return to our grungy Chesapeake hailing port.

There will be danger. There will be Zombies. There will almost certainly be some quantity of pickled fish. Join us if you dare.

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