Thursday, July 22, 2010

Captain's Log: What Was Lost Shall Be Found

Ahoy, honorary crew members. As it is now late July, well into the Leaky Dinghy's peak adventure season, you may have wondered at our lack of perilous voyaging. Allow me to explain.

As regular readers of our Captain's Log know well, our Leaky Dinghy crew relies on the strength and wisdom of our iconic plastic celebrity and Official Expert on Everything, Dr. Henry Jones.

Dr. Jones, in better days.

Though I am ably assisted by my first officer, Bryan the Bosun, who laughs in the face of certain death and has been observed to hold his ground even when charged by packs of rabid demon-chickens, I simply could not imagine embarking on another voyage of the Leaky Dinghy without my old friend and colleague, Dr. Jones. Alas, faithful readers, Dr. Jones is not well.

Yes, there he is, collapsed among the bar utensils at Leaky Dinghy HQ. When I took this picture it was not even 11AM. Tragic.

Though I have seldom spoken of it in these pages, last summer's Zombie Cruise took a grave toll on all of your Leaky Dinghy crew but, while the rest of us have put those events behind us, Dr. Jones has fallen ever deeper into his cocktail shaker. No readers, it is not depression, or even PTSD, but something far, far more serious: Dr. Jones has lost his Stiff Upper Lip.

I know, right?!

So, please, join us as Bryan the Bosun and I sail across the treacherous North Atlantic, searching for clues and, if necessary revisiting those unspeakable weeks aboard the Zombie Ship. It won't be pleasant, intrepid readers, but it must be done. We MUST Find Dr. Jones' missing Stiff Upper Lip. He'd do the same for us.

Bryan the Bosun stares into the horizon, his face set with determination, as he contemplates the challenges that await.

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Jenni said...

Ahoy, Captain Elizabeth! Long live the Leaky Dinghy, and best of luck with Dr. Jones. I think Carter needs a maritime name...